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Sportify® presentation @ Epoch Inside Lacrosse Committed Academy Parent Round Tables

In partnership with Inside Lacrosse’s Elite Athlete development camps, Sportify® Insurance will conduct a unique awareness session on the risks that scholarship athletes face in today’s; fiercely competitive environment.

Join Sportify® staff who will be presenting at both Girls & Boys academies and hosting a parent social hour.

Dates: Girls Academy Parent Q&A and Social Hour MON July 21; 2019

Boys Academy Parent Q&A and Social Hour FRI July 26; 2019

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Sportify® and IL Partner on Unique Epoch ILWomen Committed Academy Opportunity

Sportify®, leaders in athletic scholarship insurance, and Inside Lacrosse, a premier media and athletic event dedicated to the lacrosse high school and college athlete, have partnered to add value to the youth sports industry.

The partnership agreement will involve showcasing Sportify® insurance as “Official Partner” category at the marquee lacrosse athlete development event: Tee 2019 Epoch IL Women Committed Academy in Towson, Md, on July 22-24, 2019.

About Risko Strategies, LLC & the Sportify® Concept
Houston, Texas-based and founded in 2011; Risko Strategies, LLC provides bespoke risk management and insurance services. Its advisors count on decades of experience in specialty risks, private client, and international and complex insurance solutions.

Sportify® insurance, underwritten at Lloyd’s of London, protects an athletic scholarship offer should a sports-related accident result in a permanent disability or a named illness prevent student athletes from financing their education due to their inability to participate under a college sports scholarship. Sportify® allows an athlete, his/her parents, or a higher education institution to “insure” the sports scholarship offer/award with a high limit lump sum payout.

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Sportify Insurance is proud to announce its partnership with Student Sports

Sportify®, top class contingency insurance for elite scholar athletes, and Student Sports, a premier event and grass-roots marketing organization dedicated to the student athlete, have partnered to add value to the youth sports industry aggregation. The unique Sportify insurance product will be offered, on an “Official Partner” basis, to the participants of the marquis player development event properties owned by Student Sports. The partnership agreement will involve the following camps:

 – The Opening Regionals 2018  Camps: Los Angeles, CA (MAR 11); Atlanta, GA (MAR 25); Dallas, TX (APR 29); and Canton, OH ( MAY 05)

The Opening Finals 2018: Dallas, TX ( JUN 30- JUL 03).

The Area Code Baseball Games 2018 tournament: Long Beach, CA (AUG 6-12).